I am just a tentmaker

One might say

Doing mundane work

Each and every day… … More Tentmaker


Palm Branches

I saw a palm upon the ground, with dirt on every feature

I picked it up and brushed it off, in the glory of it’s nature

A symbol of victory, a banner of peace, the award of all mankind

A view of triumph, and eternal life within this hand of mine. … More Palm Branches


Scales, weighing right from wrong Scales, a personal evaluation Scales, a melody up and down Scales, covering God’s creation. But the greatest scales of all Appear upon the ground From our very eyes they fall When sight through Christ is found. We can measure beauty And we can sing a tune But the fullness of … More Scales

Song Bird

The choir of song birds fill the sky

Each one voicing a melody

From the morning dove to the blue birds high

Composing and singing over me.

More Song Bird

Hello Sunshine

Hello Sunshine, It’s been a while How dearly have I missed you. The warmth returns Brilliant and bright How quickly it can kiss you. Rays that heal Miraculous reveals, The mystery of hope. The light divine Will always rise Even if we do not know. Hello Sunshine, It’s been a while The clouds all seemed … More Hello Sunshine