Celebrate Love

Tomorrow is February 14th, the day many people dread and many people look forward to. There will be ridiculous amounts of chocolates, flowers, and balloons purchased. Not to mention, every restaraunt will be overflowing with couples. Believe it or not, my last Valentine’s Day in a relationship was a decade ago. My school boyfriend was so sweet and even got me two outfits with hearts on them! I have not had a romantic Valentine in ten years, but you know what… I LOVE Valentine’s Day!image

You might be thinking… How could you love a day that reminds you that you are alone and single? My answer would be that I have SO much to celebrate because I have the heart of the most important one of all, God Himself. The one that created me among 7 billion other people and calls me by name, listens to me, never lets me down, always remains faithful, always puts me first, never strings me along, never slanders me, never embarasses or belittles me; the One that died for me even when I did not want His love. WOW! I am the luckiest girl in the world! Jesus calls me His beloved (Romans 9:25), His chosen one (1 Thessalonians 1:4), and His bride (2 Corinthians 11:2). So, why would I choose to be sad?image

Last year, I celebrated with other single friends and we had a Valentine’s dinner and played Love Bingo, ate candy, and watched a girly movie! This year I am going to spend the evening with my sister. We are going to a classic spot for singles, Buffalo Wild Wings! One of my best friends and I started this tradition a few years back because no man in his right mind takes a woman to B-dubs for a romantic dinner. The service is fast and yummy. I highly recommend staying in, throwing a singles party, or going to an unexpected place. This day can be celebrated, not dreaded. Be encouraged that you are loved and think of creative ways. Embrace that knowing a person does not complete you, God does. When He blesses you with that significant other, awesome! But, until that day comes, you have a purpose as an individual. 🙂 You are as valuable today, as you will be when you get to be the one to dress up, give gifts, and have a romantic evening. Happy Valentine’s Day!


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