Humble Pie

Isaiah 45:2 says, “I will go before thee, and make the crooked places straight: I will break in pieces the gates of brass, and cut in sunder the bars of iron:”

This was a bible verse brought up to me by a dear friend/mentor to me today at church. The past two weeks of my life have consisted of moving home and beginning the journey of running a ministry called the Polished Conference. A year ago this was just an idea of something fun to do for my hometown, but now it is becoming so much more, but before anything can grow, seeds must be planted.

Right now I am in the planting season of this career. I have had to take a huge bite of humble pie. I was afraid to go back home because I did not want others to look down on me, I was scared of putting everything that I have into something that may or may not succeed, and I was prideful about the reality of needing to live at home for a while. Lately, my path has seemed very crooked. I had a plan and God came in and showed me that it was not His plan for me. How can I be mad if the Lord’s will is for me to follow Him in this leap of faith and see Him work in mighty ways?! Sometimes when things do not go our way and we feel like failures, we think we are battling Satan, or our flesh, but we are really battling the Lord Jesus Himself.

Do you ever feel this way? When was a time in your life when the Lord humbled you?

God put me here. It is a blessing, not a curse. This is a painful process, but a beautiful one. Jacob wrestled with God, it is ok if we do too. (I would prefer to just let Him win now though, since I know that He will in the end anyways) I desire to accept His will and be joyful about His perfect plan for my life. This does not mean that I will have full understanding or that I am even always happy, but it does mean that I am walking with the One that never leaves me, that loves me, and that has the best in store.

In Christ,

Emma Danzey


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