3 Steps to Move Along a Co-write

Have you ever been in a co-write and everyone is on a different wave length? You have the concept, but as a group, you are really struggling as to how to get to the finish line? This happened to me this week with my wonderful co-writing group for a college intensive. I want to share three tips that helped us have a break-through and eventually come up with an amazing song that we all love!

1) Separate for a short amount of time and write individually, then come back together and share.

This step can be helpful because sometimes people have a harder time communicating what they want to say or what direction they see the song going. As much as we love being together, it is also good to split up and write in silence to see what comes to mind. After you have separated for 10-20 minutes, then join each other and read what you wrote. See if anything sparks new ideas or if you would like to incorporate some of the lyrics or melodies into the song.

2) Take a long break from each other and do something not music related.

It can become tiring and long to sit in a room with other people and have nothing successful happening. After a certain point in time, it may be good to take a break. Go do different activities (eat, sleep, exercise, etc). This will get your creativity flowing again. There is nothing worse than trying to force a song that is not working, so leave and then return later.

3) Come back together, pray, and have fun!

Prayer is vital throughout the whole process. When you return from breaks, it is important to refocus your mind on why you are writing in the first place. Then, have fun and see what comes out. I guarantee if your mind-set and heart are in the right place that you will be able to move forward.

This is the process that my co-writing team and I used yesterday. We found it very helpful and successful. Please feel free to try it and if you have any questions, let me know! What is your co-writing process when you get to a lull? I would love to learn more about this myself.

In Christ,

Emma Danzey


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