Popularity Pyramid

Do you have those people in your life that always make you feel like you have to earn their love? You know, the ones that seem to care a lot about popularity and self-image that the friendship seems to be a one-way relationship? I have come across these people. I remember since middle school the lesson of “remember who you” that was taught by my dad. He always said this when my sister or I left the house. We recently learned that this was actually a quote from The Lion King. 🙂 As I approach the end of college I think about how much of this time of schooling since childhood has been a journey of self-discovery. From battling the drama, to learning about make up, fashion, and boys, I then got to college and learned what I stood for, what my calling is in life, being intentional with going to class, and dreaming about what I hoped to achieve after school.

The reason I brought up the people who care a lot about popularity, is because I believe that this will never go away. The root of the issue is who a person is living for. Now, I know that I am guilty of being one of those people, I am far from perfect. But, from analyzing this lifestyle I also do not want to live for myself. First of all, I love my dad’s saying, I am going to take it a step further and say we need to know “Whose we are.” Before we can live selfless lives, it is vital to understand that we are not our own, we breathe in and out so Jesus can be glorified, and life is not about us. Secondly, when we are so fixated on ourselves, we miss the opportunity to love others. I think about those that try spending four years of high school or four years of college getting everyone to know their name, and then graduation comes quickly, people forget about them and they start the pyramid game all over again. (I call it the pyramid because there is only so much room for people to be at the top and you have to work your way up) Think about all of the lives we could impact if we stopped caring if our outfits were sheek, our boyfriends were on athletic teams, and our parents bought us the latest sports cars? Lastly, we miss the mark. I know that God is sovereign, but we also make decisions. When the end of our schooling, the end of a job, or the end of our lives come around, will we be filled with regret and remorse, or will we look back amazed at how the Lord used us?

I do not share this to guilt you. I share this for a personal examination of our hearts. I pray for us, Psalm 139:23 “Search me, O God, and know my heart! Try me and know my thoughts!” Jesus knows us and He has not given up on us. He can turn our many mistakes into testimonies, our wasted hours into motivation for service, and our selfishness into selflessness. May we examine our hearts daily to live lives that are for our Savior Jesus.


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