Yesterday my friend Christine and I went to Walmart to pick up a few things. We were food shopping and constantly I would see something interesting and she would say, “Now Emma… do you really need that?” I would look at the delicious food, then Christine, then back at the item and respond, “No” and put it back. I told Christine that I wish she was with me every time I went shopping because frankly, I need accountability. I go through the store and I see something intriguing that I “need” and it is unnecessary costs and calories.

Isn’t this life though? We go through it seeing things that we “need” all of the time. Here are a few I can think of: wifi, the latest iphone, new shoes, large homes, skinnier thighs, Chick-fil-a open on Sundays, Facebook, fancy over-priced Starbucks drinks, expensive cars, etc. How can we declutter our lives when it feels like the moment we surrender one thing to the Lord, twenty more appear in front of us. It would be nice if we all had Christine walking through life with us asking us if we really needed what comes our way, but we don’t. However, we do have the Holy Spirit living inside of us, and He is far better than Christine (she would agree).

It is hard to believe that we are completely oblivious to the Spirit. This is the case sometimes, but a lot of the times, I think we are afraid to ask Him questions that we know we will not like His answer to. We can be scared that He is going to tell us internet is consuming our lives, He created a Sabbath, so should applaud businesses that are shut down that day, or He made us in His image and we need to stop worrying about looking “perfect” and living healthy lives. In order to not fill up our lives with clutter, it is vital to ask the Lord, “Do I need this?” We have to embrace the no’s in life so that we can enjoy the yes’.

What question are you afraid to ask God? Are you saying yes to something that you should have said no to? What area do you need accountability in? The beautiful thing is that we have Jesus, but He also does give us “Christine,” that come alongside and encourages us. Accountability is amazing! We do not become dependent on these people, but we form relationships that direct and spur each another on to hearing the voice of God.


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