Waking up to the Voice of God

Post from last Thursday: April 2, 2015

Something really amazing happened to me this morning. My Dad had a defibrillator surgery starting at 8am. I am typically a more anxious person that deals with a lot of difficulty emotionally during times like these. To a certain extent, it is how I am wired and I have had to learn how to overcome the thoughts. I have been pretty upset about all that my dad has had to go through in the past, but last night and today, I have been surprisingly peaceful. I have been clinging to Jesus like never before and I can feel the prayers of my friends and family.

With that said, the moment I woke up before I even had a thought I heard “Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and petition,with thanksgiving, make your requests known to God.” This comes straight out of Philippians 4:6! God spoke to me this morning! He is always speaking to us, but this morning I heard Him in a very real way. It was His words straight from scripture! Such a beautiful peace came over me. This did not mean that I did not struggle with thoughts from the enemy and my flesh, but I fought the battle and I won through Jesus! My dad’s surgery lasted about three hours and I just received a text from my mom saying that he did great and that she was going to his room to visit.

Whatever you are going through today, I just want to encourage you to say no to the anxious thoughts in your head and say yes to the voice of God. Get quiet and still so that you can hear Him. He is the one who can provide perfect peace. Do you have any cool stories about how the Lord has spoken to you?

In Christ,

Emma Danzey


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