Write It Down!

I have been reading Platform by Michael Hyatt for my Artist Presentation class. In this book Hyatt provides useful tips for how to create a successful platform to reach your audience. One part of the book really stuck out to me. He says to write down your goals and dreams. He explains how you should set dates because it creates a sense of urgency and if it happens great, but if not, then you can keep moving forward. I want to share with all of you my ministry goals for 2015. I am going to be real and honest. I am inviting you to dream with me and pray that the Lord will work in amazing ways!

Ministry Goals:

1: Raise the total $10,000 for my Go Fund Me for my next Project by May. http://www.gofundme.com/emmadanzey

2: Compile amazing fresh new Christian songs geared toward young women!

3: Record my 5 Song EP in Nashville in May or June.

4: Have the EP Release party at the Polished Conference in August!

5: Have the Polished Conference in Asheville, NC in August!

6: Put on 4 Polished Conferences by 2016!

Personal Goals:

1: Walk daily with the Lord and learn to live for Today.

2: Pray more frequently.

3: Reflect daily on my word for the year “Believe!”

4: Get my first job in 2015.

5: Blog on a consistent basis.

6: Graduate with the Deans List each semester of college.

7: Cherish all of the times with my best friends at Liberty University.

What are your goals? I want to encourage you to write them down and pray over them daily! God gives each of us dreams and we can trust Him with them. When we write down what seems impossible, it takes out some of the fear and doubt in our hearts and helps us see the possibilities! Have a great day friends!


Emma Danzey


2 thoughts on “Write It Down!

  1. Some mighty big goals here, Emma, – but you can accomplish them all – because you are Emma, the beautiful young lady who asks God for directions and then follows what He says! Daily I lift you and yours up to Lord God Almighty! I love you!


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