True Colors

Last week a picture on social media had the world in disarray. Everyone was debating what two colors a dress was on the internet and in person. If you have not heard about the White/Gold or Black/Blue dress, there is a picture below to show what it is. Everyone sees the dress from different perspectives due to the cones in their eyes ability to adjust in dim lighting. Do not be afraid if you see colors differently than your friend.

image image

My friends and I were victimized by this and became panicked, antsy, ugly, and fearful about why we were seeing opposing colors. As I reflect on this hectic event that got heated very quickly, I cannot help but consider how some of our true colors came out while arguing over what colors we saw on the computer screen. Isn’t it funny how in life, we can think that we are “one color,” but are actually showing a completely different “color” to the world?

I found this definition that explains where the expression came from.

“Showing your True Colours.

To “show your true colours” means to show yourself for who you really are, or to show your true intentions in a given situation. But what are ‘colours’ and how do you show them?

In naval warfare of the 18th century, your ‘colours’ were your flags, specifically, your naval jack (the naval flag of the country which your ship was a part of). Under the Articles of War (the Royal Navy’s code of conduct for nearly 400 years; discontinued in 2006!), when going into battle, you were obliged to run up your colours (your naval flag), to identify the nationality of your ship. If you wished to deceive your enemy, you might run up a different flag than that which belonged to your country, perhaps to make the other ship think that you were an ally. Once you were nice and close, within firing-range, you’d literally ‘show your true colours’ as say, a British Man-o’-War instead of a French one, and open fire on a French warship, catching its crews off-guard and gaining an advantage in battle.

Sailing into battle under false colours went against the Articles of War, but unscrupulous captains and officers who cared more for payback and beating the enemy than stuffy rules and regulations, would often go into action with false colours in order to gain the element of surprise.”

People showed their colors to reveal what team they were on. We know that in reality there are two teams: God’s team and Satan’s team. Isn’t it amazing how we can be walking in our daily lives thinking that we are raising our “flags” for Jesus, but then something triggers us and our “true colors” come out. I would define “true colors” as our sinful nature (Satan’s team). Nothing in us is good, only Jesus is good. The Holy Spirit is living inside of us, but we are constantly choosing whether we will live by the Spirit or live in the flesh. Galatians 5:16 says, “But I say, walk by the Spirit, and you will not gratify the desires of the flesh.”

That night that my friends and I sat there staring and disagreeing, my “true colors” came out. My ugly, frustrated, fearful, and confrontational self showed. I hated it, I can blame the dress all I want, but the truth is, sometimes as difficult as it is to see the Black/Blue on the dress (original colors), it is to see the true colors in my own life. I notice that I try to mask the imperfections sometimes instead of praying to Jesus to help my live in the Spirit, not the flesh. What is it in your life that triggers your inner ugly? What “colors” are showing up in your life right now that you know are not of the Lord? Is it greed? Anger? Lust? Bitterness? Fear? What is showing up and coming to the surface? The first step is recognizing that it is not of the Lord, and then step two is simply asking the Holy Spirit to help you flee from the sin in your life and walk in the Spirit. It is not easy, and we will fail, but isn’t it beautiful how the Lord loves us even when we wave the flag for team Satan? The way my best friends still loved me after my ridiculous melt down during the dress fiasco was just a testimony to me that Jesus loves me even in my “true colors.”

Walking with Him,

Emma Danzey


2 thoughts on “True Colors

    1. Thanks deyelog! I am sorry that it came off that way. I am so thankful for the grace God gives and know that we are forgiven and free. I meant that we have a human nature that I was comparing to “true colors.” Thanks for the honesty!


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