Tired of Being a “Good” Christian?

Are you tired of trying so hard to be a “good” Christian? I am! I am tired of worrying about the law so much. I am sick of treating quiet times like brushing my teeth and treating helping others as a chore. How did I get this way? Have you had these thoughts? Lately, I have! Routine can be a beautiful thing, but it can also hinder us from the spontaneity of the Holy Spirit. This week God has been telling me that I need to stop trying to do so much and give so much. He has been saying that He just wants my heart!

imageI sat down at Lemon Grass, a wonderful Thai/Vietnamese restaurant in Virginia Beach with my sister’s best friend from college named Stockton. She shared how God had been teaching her that He just wants her heart. I reflected on that all day and all week. I am in the same boat. If I am honest, I easily get caught up in living a “Christian life,” but missing the adventure and process of falling in love with Jesus. Now, when people say falling in love, they immediately jump to eros (marriage type) love. Remember, I am talking agape (God) love! Beth Moore happened to address this yesterday at my school’s convocation! She taught on when Peter was asked by Jesus three times if he loved Him. She then shared how God just wants our love.image

It is amazing when the Lord teaches me something new. It is even more incredible that such a simple concept can be so difficult to live out. I desire to love Jesus with all of my heart. It is so easy to want to fill it with the things of this world. Tonight, I lie in bed typing because love is a choice. Feelings do not dictate/rule us. We have freedom to decide if we are going to love someone. My prayer is that we choose to love to Jesus with all of our hearts. We can do all things through Him, so this is not something that can be done on our own. However, we can ask Him to help us love Him more fully! With this love, there will be an outpouring of actions that flow from this heart that is strengthened by the Perfect love that Christ Jesus gives to us. These actions will no longer be daily checklists and habits, but rather, they will become quality time with the Lord, and impromptu prayers for strangers. Pray with me…

Lord, may we have open hearts that receive all that you have for us and give all of our love to you! Create in us pure hearts that seek your face and serve you daily out of a deep desire and passion to display our love with actions. There is nothing we can do to make you love us more or less. Thank you Jesus! Thank you for not requiring anything of us, but kindly and gently asking for our hearts. Amen



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