Happy Tuesday!

This has been a great week for me! I have been home celebrating the new year with my family. I have been seeking after the Lord and praying about the new year! This year will involve some major changes for me and my family. My sister Annie is leaving for the World Race this week and I am graduating from college this May! Time goes by so fast and each new year we are priveleged to be reminded that we have new mercies and opportunities ahead. My pastor Bob Thompson was given the book My One Word by Mike Ashcraft and Rachel Olsen a few years ago, and now every year at my church we are encouraged to select one word to work on for the year. This year I decided my word for 2015 is believe!

Two weeks ago I was reading in Beth Moore’s devotional Praying God’s Word about unbelief. I kept hearing the word and seeing it everywhere for the next week. New Years Day came along and I decided that God wants me to believe Him this year more than ever! I need to believe Him with the finances for my next EP, I need to believe Him to open the right doors to the right churches for the Polished Conference, I need to believe Him to place me at the right church for my summer internship, and the list goes on. God wants me to view Him as able. He desires for me to break the barriers of my human mind and believe that He is capable of imagemore than I can ask or imagine! (Ephesians 3:20-21)

The Lord affirms us that He is speaking to us in many ways. One of the ways that I have seen Him speak is by bringing up the same concept multiple times. I had already decided that believe was my word for this year and my dear friend Emily invited me to go to a pottery and crafts store called Bisque & Beads this past Saturday. The night before I laid in my bed and prayed that God would give me the word believe to paint at the store. We went in and were walking down the aisle admiring all of the figurines and plates. Then, Emily stumbled upon a word that she pointed out to me… you guess it, the word was believe! The exact prayer request that I had asked the night before was answered with a yes! How good is our God? VERY good! I said “Emily! I prayed last night to see this word today!” We were both ecstatic to see the Lord work! I painted the pottery that day and enjoyed spending time with her. Emily is about to go to London, England for her study abroad. Please pray for her to make an impact overseas as she shines her light while drinking afternoon tea and writing articles. It amazes me how the Lord would lay on my friends heart to go do artwork and that He would intentionally leave my word for the year as an encouragement waiting at the store.

I was able to paint a beautiful piece of pottery and soon will see the finished product. Also, I forgot to tell you that believe was one of the only two words in the entire shop! We serve a God that makes no mistakes and whose voice is very clear when we decided to be quiet and listen. I am such a talker and when I finally get still, ask, and wait, Jesus does not disappoint and He will answer in His time and in His way. What a big God that we serve! I hope that you will choose a word for the year to work on! This year I BELIEVE that the Lord is going to do mighty things!


Emma Danzey


3 thoughts on “Believe

  1. Believe is a great word to pick. I believe God will really bless you! By the way I love the pottery, I thought it might be a cake to start off with though! By the way (again) your mate will have an amazing time in London, it’s great here!


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